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Our “TEN Cents”: Energy Efficiency is More Than Just Dollars and Cents

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Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (with regional offices throughout the Northeast), The Efficiency Network’s (TEN) team has collectively performed over $500,000,000 worth of energy efficiency projects across every business sector. TEN has developed a proven way to help clients of all shapes and sizes make sense of energy efficiency. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be covering how energy efficiency benefits the education, manufacturing, commercial real estate, and healthcare industries in our five part series. 

TEN spends a great deal of time developing and implementing energy efficiency projects for all types of customers. Although many share similar financial motivations for energy efficiency projects, there are many other considerations when embarking towards efficiency measures.

Here are some questions we tackle with potential customers that you should consider when thinking about efficiency upgrades:

  • Qualification: What are your goals and expectations? Are there financial metrics that need to be met? Are they reasonable expectations? Provided opportunities are uncovered, what funding sources are available in my state for my sector?
  • Audit & Benchmark: Where are you at today in regards to energy usage? What energy usage goals do you have?
  • Design & Engineering: After identifying opportunities, which projects do we prioritize and streamline?
  • Rebates: “I think there’s incentives out there for efficiency projects, but how do we apply, where do we apply, what determines the amount we get back?”

All of these questions need answered, whether you think or know you have opportunities to explore.  Investing as little as one hour allows you to devise a plan towards achieving your efficiency goals!

Stay tuned next week when we explore opportunities that K-12/Higher Education are taking advantage of, and don't forget to follow Direct Energy Business on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook

Posted: June 04, 2015