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PowerOptions’ Expansion into CT &RI Grants Non-Profits, Government Entities More Opportunity

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This article was written by Liam Sullivan, director of marketing and communications at PowerOptions. 

PowerOptions, the largest energy buying group of its kind in New England, recently announced its expansion into Connecticut and Rhode Island.

As a nonprofit membership organization, PowerOptions is driven by a mission: to help members reduce energy-related costs so they can invest those savings into their own missions.  With the organization’s expansion, more non-profits and government entities will have the opportunity to benefit from PowerOptions’ programs.

As Massachusetts members already know, PowerOptions offers supply arrangements for electricity, natural gas and solar. The size of the PowerOptions group -- 1 billion Kwh and 13 million dekatherms—provides market clout that enables the ability to negotiate extremely advantageous deals with suppliers.

Every PowerOptions program begins with a rigorous competitive procurement, and supplier interest was no more evident than in our most recent solicitation for electricity which included more bidders than in the last 15 years.

As the winning supplier, Direct Energy Business not only provided the most competitive prices, but also agreed to the contract terms and conditions that have become a hallmark of all of PowerOptions’ supply programs. Together Direct Energy Business and PowerOptions can now bring these market-leading opportunities to impact the bottom lines of worthy institutions across much of New England.

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PowerOptions’ price is always competitive. It’s based on a pricing structure that effectively caps suppliers’ margins, and PowerOptions staff constantly market tests price quotes to ensure compliance with that structure. Members’ pricing options range from a fixed all-in price to block purchases to day-ahead buys in the wholesale market, depending on their sophistication and desired level of risk. Each member is priced in the day’s market on their own load.

There are no usage penalties or bandwidth restrictions with PowerOptions, allowing members to pursue efficiency and renewable energy projects. Protections against pass-through charges protect members against unexpected costs, especially important in the current regulatory environment. PowerOptions members can even earn a rebate by managing their capacity during the grid’s summer peak hour—and PowerOptions helps them anticipate that hour. A financial guarantee from Direct’s parent company, Centrica, ensures that our members will always receive the financial benefit of their PowerOptions supply contract.

Any Massachusetts, Connecticut or Rhode Island nonprofit or public sector organization is eligible to join PowerOptions. For more information, visit

Posted: July 14, 2015