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Direct Energy Business, XNG Open Innovative Compressed Natural Gas Station in NY

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Direct Energy Business, XNG Open Innovative Compressed Natural Gas Station in NY  

Direct Energy Business in partnership with Xpress Natural Gas opened an innovative compressed natural gas production facility and distribution terminal in Manheim, New York Tuesday.

The Manheim CNG Center is now fully operational, delivering a clean, reliable and cost effective energy option to upstate New York.

“With its advantaged pricing, emissions benefits and reduced maintenance costs, CNG is the clear choice for businesses looking to lower operational costs and add long-term value,” said John Schultz, president of Direct Energy Business.

The Manheim CNG Center has the capabilities to deliver up to 45 trucks of compressed natural gas per day. The center gathers the natural gas from the Iroquois Pipeline and compresses it for shipment. The natural gas is then distributed to participating businesses and municipalities across the New York tri-state area.

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Direct Energy Business, a leading energy provider in North America, has teamed with XNG, the operator of North America’s largest fleet of high capacity composite CNG trailers, to accelerate the availability and benefits of natural gas to customers, resulting in potential savings of 20 to 40 percent on their primary fuel costs.

“Through our relationships with partners such as XNG, we’re focused on providing our customers turnkey CNG solutions to meet their needs. Today’s station opening reflects that commitment and will deliver an innovative solution to energy challenges,” Schultz said.

“XNG and Direct Energy Business are making it easier than ever for New York companies to take advantage of cheaper natural gas prices by converting to CNG,” said John Nahill, CEO of XNG. “By saving on fuel costs and securing long-term emissions reductions, companies that make the switch will be better positioned to compete more effectively.”

Direct Energy Business, XNG Open Innovative Compressed Natural Gas Station in NY

Businesses across a broad range of industries are already recognizing the benefits of CNG both as a primary and peak serving fuel source. The Energy Information Administration’s Annual Energy Outlook 2011 reported that natural gas demand in the United States will increase by 16 percent by 2035 over 2009 demand levels.

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Posted: July 01, 2015