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Buying Power: Bringing Big-Business Electricity Choices to Small- and Mid-Sized Businesses

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Electricity buying pools are an increasingly popular option for small- and mid-sized businesses that want to have greater control of their costs, especially in volatile energy markets. Similar to other programs which leverage a group’s collective purchasing power such as health insurance, wholesale clubs, and retirement plans, electricity pools provide a unique opportunity to cut energy costs by working with other like-sized businesses.

An energy supplier will work with members of the buying pool to take their collective electricity load to the wholesale market with the goal of securing better pricing for each participant than they might receive individually.

When joining an energy buying pool, you’re exercising your right to choose your energy supplier and it's well worth your time to research your options. Download the Pool Power eGuide today and learn more about the qualifications of being a part of a buying pool, pool product options, and evaluating an energy supplier for your pool. 

Posted: January 22, 2015