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How Businesses Can Save 35% on Heating Costs this Winter

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The natural gas boom has had a tremendous impact on industrial and commercial businesses, schools, and utilities.

Now, energy customers without a direct pipeline connection can also reap the economic and environmental benefits of compressed natural gas (CNG) — and potentially save up to 35 percent on heating costs.

With Stationary CNG, Direct Energy Business provides your facility with a connection to the gas pipeline by delivering CNG directly to your business. The video below highlights the many benefits of this solution:

How does our Stationary CNG work? In four distinct ways:

  1. Compression and Delivery: Our strategically located CNG filling station and carefully monitored compression process enables non-interruptible, cost-effective transport of natural gas to your business.
  2. Depressurization: Once the storage trailers are filled with the CNG and are transported to your facility, decompression is needed as the gas is unloaded. This is done with our specialized pressure regulators to ensure a consistent, smooth flow.
  3. Storage and Monitoring: We provide cost-effective, high-capacity mobile storage options with controlled release sensors. Your facilities are remotely monitored to ensure continued supply of high-quality, safe natural gas.
  4. Safety and Permitting: Installed decompression units include multiple controls to support a safe work environment. Once the site has approved permitting, we will help guide you through all necessary safety precautions and processes.

Direct Energy Business can help your business with permitting, site engineering, delivery logistics, construction and project management, equipment procurement and installation, and much more.

CNG offers a whole range of business benefits. To learn more about how switching to CNG can boost your business’s bottom line, please visit our CNG Stationary page.

Posted: December 10, 2015