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Wireless Electricity Monitoring is a Game Changer for Businesses

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If you’re a large business or manufacturer, you depend on your equipment. But you need to make sure your machinery is in tip-top shape. So, how can you be sure your automated workforce isn’t costing you money?

Panoramic Power offers a simple, wireless electricity monitoring solution, provided by Direct Energy Business, that allows you peer into the inner details of your equipment’s energy use. 

This solution combines self-powered, wireless sensor technology with a cloud-based analytics platform. These simple devices, which install easily and will not halt or delay production, provide real time energy data of equipment  at the facility level.

Wireless electricity monitoring allows you to analyze each and every piece of critical equipment in your business – at one or multiple sites. This device level data is captured in real-time and uploaded to an analytics platform. You’re then able to track trends, benchmark devices, monitor energy consumption habits, wastage, use and more. Users will receive alerts on anomalies and can query, export, automate and receive built-in reports that detail device level energy consumption and alert history. The reports allow users to intelligently take action to reduce energy and operational waste, along with setting and monitoring energy key performance indicators (KPIs).

How does this help your business? With this data you can ensure equipment optimization and effectiveness, make informed decisions to schedule preventative maintenance, identify equipment anomalies or overloading, improve sequencing of equipment in processes, monitor and measure ‘idling’ machinery, benchmark machine efficiency, and even calculate cost of production per equipment/production line. This information can also be used in compliance and regulatory reporting, sustainability reporting, or as part of a comprehensive energy audit to help pinpoint and reduce energy costs. 

Wireless electricity monitoring by Panoramic Power is just of the many large business solutions offered by Direct Energy Business to help you manage your energy spend and increase productivity. Learn more about Wireless Electricity Monitoring by Panoramic Power with this infographic.   

Posted: August 19, 2015