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A New, Flexible Approach to Energy Buying in New Jersey: No Regrets

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Choosing an energy supplier can be a daunting task.

After all, not every supplier provides the same information or transparency, making it difficult to identify the best plan for your business.

Have no fear: Direct Energy Business is here to help. Today, we’re thrilled to announce a new, flexible, and transparent approach for energy buyers in New Jersey: No RegretsSM.

With No RegretsSM, Direct Energy Business will help you identify your most favorable energy price and gives you the option to change your plan if the markets shift in up to 20 days. The solution is designed to provide ultimate flexibility, so you can lock-in your price with confidence.

How does it work?

After you sign your contract, Direct Energy Business will send daily, customized pricing updates to your email address. If the market drops and more favorable pricing becomes available, you will have the opportunity to re-sign at that lower price during your protection period.

How will my business benefit?

No Regrets will provide a number of benefits to your business, including:

  • The ability to choose a lower fixed price within ten or twenty days of your energy pricing decision (if available)

  • The opportunity to change your locked-in price during your protection term

  • An expanded time frame for making your energy purchase decision

  • The ease and simplicity of daily price updates to help inform your decision-making

We’re confident that No RegretsSM will suit your energy strategy. To learn more about how the power of choice can help lower your energy costs in the Garden State, visit our No RegretsSM website.

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Posted: August 07, 2015