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Manufacturers Could Cut Energy Costs 20% with Efficiency

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More than half of the world's energy consumption takes place in the industrial sector. 

However, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that U.S. manufacturing energy costs could be cut by 20 percent through various energy efficiency measures, ranging from reusing heat generated by production lines to simply turning off equipment not in use. 

Here are four simple energy efficiency saving tips for manufacturers. 

1.) Recirculate heat generated by production lines.

For a manufacturing business, 12 percent of energy consumed is typically used for heating. Manufacturers can cut heating costs by recirculating heat generated by production lines to warm warehouses and office areas. 

2.) Turn off equipment.

Manufacturers can maximize energy savings by switching off machinery, computers, and lighting when not in use. 

3.) Reduce motor speed. 

Motors account for two-thirds of electricity used in manufacturing. Reducing motor speed 20 percent can help cut energy consumption by 50 percent. 

4.) Use less pressure. 

Check whether compressors can operate effectively at lower pressure — a reduction of 14.5 psi can save 7 percent on your energy bill. 

For more information on how manufacturers can save on energy costs, check out this helpful infographic and recent blog post.

Posted: August 18, 2015