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10 Imperatives for Selecting an Energy Supplier

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Commercial buildings — such as offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and stores — spend about $200 billion on energy costs each year. 

For office buildings alone, that translates to a huge chunk of the annual operating budget — nearly 30 percent. So, how can commercial buildings maximize their energy spend?

If located in a deregulated market, they can begin by selecting a well-rounded energy supplier that helps them cost-effectively meet and manage their energy needs.

We’ve created a new guide that highlights the most important attributes for businesses to consider while selecting an energy supplier. The attributes — which are 10 total — include a range of factors from pricing to customer service to renewable energy resources:

  1. Complete energy options

  2. A range of pricing options to suit various budgets, consumption patterns, and levels of risk

  3. Clear explanations of all costs and charges that your organization will incur

  4. Outstanding customer service and transparency 

  5. A dedicated account team that supports your energy strategy goals

  6. Renewable energy or carbon-neutral options

  7. Market intelligence that helps you make informed decisions 

  8. Personalized tracking tools on your usage patterns and billing 

  9. Straightforward guidance and insights into best practices

  10. The strength and stability to ensure continuity of service 

Click here to download our complete guide to 10 factors you should consider when choosing an energy supplier.

Posted: August 13, 2015