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Energy Intelligence: What’s next for manufacturing?

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The next big revolution in the world of manufacturing is here: Energy Intelligence. With it, today’s manufacturers are again achieving faster speeds, lower costs, and a greater competitive advantage.

While energy fuels all of our manufacturing processes, it can be a significant expense for manufacturing companies. When we optimize our energy usage and costs, we optimize our results.

Today’s energy intelligence innovations enable manufacturers to save millions of dollars from optimizing energy consumption and operational efficiency improvements by:

  • Measuring energy consumption patterns
  • Analyzing device-level energy benchmarks
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Acting upon insights derived from the health, performance, and energy usage of each system

Many industrial companies throughout the world are starting to track energy consumption in some capacity, some at the site-wide level and some down to specific production lines. However, only monitoring at the device level provides system level visibility that enables manufacturers to make operational changes to reduce energy consumption and costs at unprecedented levels.

On a tactical level, monitoring each device enables manufacturers to prioritize high impact systems. This helps increase the efficiency of motors and systems and optimize their maintenance schedules. This combination cuts energy costs and increases operational efficiencies. Monitoring devices ensures facility-wide visibility, which enables system wide improvements.


Reducing maintenance costs and preventative maintenance

Manufacturers often maintain equipment with processes that are more reactive than proactive. By transitioning to predictive maintenance that is based on energy intelligence data, companies can detect equipment failures before they happen, monitor the results of corrective actions, compare efficiency of systems to prioritize maintenance visits, and save resources on break-fix emergency maintenance.

Improving facilities operations

The granularity which defines device-level visibility enables the energy intelligence insights that drive improvements to the entire facility, like sharing real-time energy waste alerts, lowering peak demand, ensuring proper operation of BMS, and ongoing retro-commissioning.

Enabling operational efficiency of machinery

To increase yields, energy intelligence can prevent equipment performance drift, provide alerts when an asset needs to be maintained or tuned, proactively detect equipment failure, and enable granular benchmarking analysis.

Energy Intelligence: What is in it for manufacturers

It is no secret that energy intelligence leads to reduced energy consumption. And less consumption of such resources is good for the environment. But environmentalism and sustainability are not the only winners when companies wise up with energy intelligence.

When we understand our benchmarks and energy consumption metrics, we clearly see their effects on product quality and define processes to improve quality while reducing consumption (and costs). With granular energy consumption data, we can discover the optimal operational schedules of each system.

Information, analyses, and insights lead to improved decision-making throughout the enterprise and reduce the total cost of operation.

Energy intelligence enables manufacturers to improve production and reduce costs. This is why it the next revolution in the manufacturing space. 

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Blog entry written by Jon RabinowitzSenior Director, Marketing, Panoramic Power® 

Posted: April 21, 2015