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Small Businesses: Spring Ahead with Summer Savings

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Summer is finally around the corner! Summer temperatures can often be accompanied by electricity rate spikes, but they don’t have to. Direct Energy Business has a solution that can help save energy and manage costs for your business- our Small Business Summer Savings Program.

The 2015 Summer Savings Program encompasses the following:

  • A fixed rate for electricity supply: Gain peace of mind knowing your small business is protected from market and price fluctuations. When you lock in your supply rate with us, it stays unchanged for the duration of your contract. This is crucial during summer months when electricity rates can fluctuate.
  • A Nest Learning Thermostat: With Nest, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn down the AC when you leave for the day. A $249 value, at no cost to you in our exclusive offer for small business owners. The Nest Thermostat makes it simple to conserve energy so you can focus on running your business. It turns itself down automatically after everyone has left work for the day. The Nest Leaf guides your employees to an energy efficient temperature. And it can even be controlled from your smart phone. Learn more.  

Be sure to visit the Direct Energy Business Small Business page for electricity supply rates in your area and enroll in the Summer Savings Program online in three easy steps. Then, when its closing time, you can get outside to enjoy the sun worry- free from electricity spikes, while your new Nest Learning Thermostat conserves energy inside.

Learn more about Direct Energy Business and the energy and solutions we offer to help make your business better. 

Stephen Girard, Head of Small Business at Direct Energy Business, has worked in the energy industry for 10 years and started heading up Small Business in November 2013.


Posted: April 15, 2015