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Small Businesses: 4 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

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Although March 20 marked the first day of spring, some areas have remained chilly. In addition to spring cleaning at home, this is also the perfect time to give your small business a spring facelift. Here are our simple tips to give your business a spring clean:

  1. Clean out those closets: Yes, this applies to businesses too. You may have a stack of papers, a pile of folders, and old collateral sitting on your desk or in your filing cabinets. If your business is required to keep sensitive materials for a set amount of time, research an affordable online storage solution. Encourage your employees to get rid of unnecessary inventory as well. Charitable organizations are always happy to receive gently used items as well if applicable.
  2. Clean out your email inbox: We all say we’re going to do it, but set aside some time and get it done. Archive old emails that you absolutely need, and delete what you don’t. You will be able to locate emails more efficiently, and will feel great about having a fresh inbox. You can also look into moving old emails and files to a drive to store.
  3. Clean your devices: Your hardware may be dirtier than you think! Wipe down printers, phones, computers, and your mouse. If your small business has a common area or kitchen, make sure the appliances are cleaned and ready to go.
  4. Clean up online: If you have an online presence, take a few minutes and analyze your footprint. Is your company information, logo, prices, etc. still correct? Make sure your links are correct and are sending traffic to the correct site. Page errors are irritating for customers and prospects. Is there content on your website that can be updated or needs to be more user-friendly? If you utilize social media, check to see that your brand is still being represented the way you desire.

We know you’re busy. If you don’t have time to do it all, prioritize what’s most important to your business. View this blog, and other great small business blogs here.

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Posted: April 02, 2015