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Small Business Owners in the United Illuminating Company Territory with Smart Meters: Time-of-Use Product Now Available

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Small business owners with a smart meter in the United Illuminating service territory in Connecticut now have Time-of-Use (TOU) available to them. TOU programs are intended to help customers reduce their electricity usage during certain hours (or days) when the demand for electricity is high (i.e. on-peak). When used effectively, this allows customers to shift their usage to periods when the demand is lower (i.e. off-peak), and therefore, not as costly.

On Peak/Off Peak

With our current TOU offer, your electricity supply rate will be $0.1059/kWh from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. For all other hours, Monday through Sunday, will be billed at $0.0959/kWh. Customers will continue to be responsible for their utility distribution charges and applicable taxes. United Illuminating customers, view this offer

Benefits of a Smart Meter

A smart meter monitors your usage in more detail than a conventional meter and continuously communicates usage information to your local utility for monitoring and billing purposes. Smart meters are not available in all utility territories.

As a result of smart meter technology, Direct Energy Business is able to ensure the price its customers pay for electricity supply reflects the actual cost of electricity produced.

Be sure to look for future updates on TOU program offerings via our blog

Stephen Girard, Head of Small Business at Direct Energy Business, has worked in the energy industry for 10 years and started heading up Small Business in November 2013. 

Posted: April 09, 2015