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NYC Businesses (and Non-Public Schools) in Con Edison: Great Opportunities for Heating Oil to Natural Gas Conversions

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Did you know that all certificates required to use No. 6 oil will expire on or before June 30, 2015 without any option to renew? New York City local laws and initiatives, such as the Clean Heat Initiative, require building owners and operators to convert to cleaner fuels, such as natural gas, instead of No. 6 fuel/heating oil.

The good news is if your business or non-public school is in the Con Edison utility territory, you may be eligible to take advantage of different rebates offered through Con Edison's Customized Gas Incentive Program

What is Con Edison’s Customized Gas Incentive Program?

The Customized Gas Incentive Program offered by Con Edison offers customers who convert to natural gas heating the potential to benefit from a rebate of up to $10,000. It is only available for the first 25 eligible customers who get a boiler replacement and who meet all the requirements, terms, and conditions though– so you need to act quickly. There are additional qualifications which can be found on their website.  

When is the deadline?

The current deadline to apply is June 15, 2015. The application requires several steps and Con Edison has tight deadlines with no leniency.

Recommended next steps

  1. Have a firm price and contractor selected prior to the June 15, 2015 Con Edison deadline. To meet the deadline, you will need engineering drawings, specifications, and potentially a bid solicitation and review. Like most well-informed decisions, these steps take time to complete, so you will want to get started now. There is limited availability for the program so you will want to submit the necessary requirements as soon as possible.
  2. Consider working with an energy service company, such as Direct Energy Business, to help simplify the process for your business. Direct Energy Business can provide a preliminary budget estimate for the internal building conversion work, complete the work, and provide you with monthly status updates.

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Posted: April 08, 2015