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PJM Offers New Online Energy Learning Center

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As most know, PJM administers the competitive electricity wholesale markets across 13 states and the District of Columbia. With that, the largest grid manager in the U.S. has a lot of educating to do.

Recently, PJM has rewritten, redesigned, and expanded their online PJM Learning Center – – to help more clearly explain the complex power industry and PJM’s role. There are many video clips that feature PJM experts explaining industry topics at a 101-level. There is also an interactive power grid graphic.

You can view videos explaining the several different wholesale market structures PJM uses, including energy, capacity, and ancillary services markets.

Why does this matter, you ask?

Electricity energy prices can be extremely variable with continuous movement while capacity charges are set in advance. Understanding the dynamics of the markets, such as energy prices based on marginal unit price, along with being able to partially plan for future budget costs, forward capacity and energy prices, will increase the accuracy of business decisions that involve energy costs.  

Posted: October 02, 2014