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Helping to Reduce Businesses’ Energy Usage and Costs (Yes, Reduce)

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You probably recognize Direct Energy Business as a retail supplier of electricity and natural gas, but did you know that the retail energy provider has a number of products and services to help businesses manage their demand as well? After all, your total energy cost has two components: the rate you pay and how much you consume. 

Contrary to popular belief, Direct Energy Business actually helps businesses reduce energy usage and cost, and now offers a full suite of products to do just that. These products focus on low-cost solutions with no or minimal up-front costs.

Although some of these products have been the focus of other blog articles, I wanted to present them in one, concise article, so all energy management options are in one place.


Here is a little background on the BuildingIQ product and software that controls commercial building HVAC usage and costs:

  • Wireless, cloud-based product with software that predicts, optimizes, and reduces HVAC usage in commercial buildings
  • Connects to Building Management System (BMS)
  • Intelligently monitors and reduces HVAC demand, without any impact to tenant comfort
  • Works within the defined parameters, and optimizes to those parameters based on predictive analytics
  • Typically works best in commercial buildings greater than 100,000 square feet with the best applications being Class A & B office space, retail malls, government and university buildings, outpatient healthcare and hospitals, hotel and casino public spaces, and museums
  • Learns from the building’s behavior, predicts future energy use, and takes weather and pricing information into account

Panoramic Power®

Here is information on the device-level energy monitoring solution, Panoramic Power®:

  • Cost-effective, quickly deployable
  • Enables customers to view their energy usage on individual circuits on a real-time basis, through a cloud-based portal
  • Easy to install, and can generally be completed in a few hours without a disruption to operations
  • Devices clip around the wires that feed into the electrical panel
  • Self-powered, communicates wirelessly, requiring little effort to install and even less effort to operate 

Watch this video showcasing the ease of installation.


Learn more about this fast and easy way to reduce your energy spend, with no up-front capital investment.

  • Direct Energy Business conducts an energy audit free of cost
  • Energy reduction upgrades or retrofits are identified
  • Project costs can be integrated into an energy supply agreement via on-bill financing
  • Partner with experienced, professional engineers and local contractors ensuring high-quality work

Demand Response

Direct Energy Business is building on its Demand Response program by working with Siemens Smart Grid to roll out a state-of-the-art Demand Response Management System (DRMS).

  • Direct Energy Business will roll out the Siemens DRMS solution to manage existing customer load commitments in multiple ISOs: PJM, ISO-NE, ERCOT, and NYISO
  • More efficiently manages power demand requirements, especially during times of peak usage
  • Helps control power usage by giving businesses the ability to voluntarily reduce energy usage during peak times

Siemens recently guest blogged for us regarding this offering, so read more here.

If your business has sustainability goals, ‘green’ targets, or is seeking to reduce energy usage and cost, Direct Energy Business can help. For more information about our demand-side management programs, please reach out to your Direct Energy Business representative or contact Direct Energy Business Solutions at or 888.223.1524.

Posted: November 07, 2014