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New solutions offerings help reduce energy costs, lessen carbon footprint

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Energy efficiency may be one of the easiest ways for businesses to reduce energy costs, as well as to help enhance a business’ competitiveness. It seems like every week there’s news about renewable energy initiatives, energy efficiency offerings, and more. The interest and investment in business/commercial energy efficiency is on the rise. Our Direct Energy Business Solutions team is always seeking ways to help customers make better energy decisions, among other things. And we are excited about our recent partnerships with BuildingIQ and Panoramic Power® that do just that.

What business problems will these two solutions offerings address/tackle?

  • Lack of information about energy consumption
  • Lack of energy management and operational procedures and processes
  • Cost of poor energy management
  • Help organizations manage their energy assets and reduce costs
  • Lack of baseline capabilities for demand response
  • Lack of real-time granular measurement and verification during peak events

BuildingIQ partnership

Via the BuildingIQ partnership, we will be able to offer a cloud-based software solution to our customers to reduce heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) energy costs, and to lessen the carbon footprint in commercial buildings. The software uses advanced algorithms to actually learn a building’s patterns and to develop a model to improve the building’s HVAC energy performance. The software then arrives at the most efficient HVAC operating strategy for the next 24 hours. This software is not just about reports and graphs, but provides a portal for a single operator to view and manage a portfolio of buildings.

Panoramic Power® partnership

The Panoramic Power partnership allows us to offer a quickly deployable, device-level energy monitoring and analytics solution to our customers. The solution improves transparency into how energy is being consumed to improve operational efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and identify other cost saving strategies such as demand response. The self-powered, miniature wireless current sensors monitor energy consumption at the individual circuit breaker level, and link energy data to the cloud in real-time. Cloud-based data analytics and storage provide real-time alerts via email or text to highlight anomalies in energy consumption.

These solutions offerings will give our business customers the insights they need to take more control of their energy usage, and thus, equating to cost savings.

BuildingIQ press releasePanoramic Power press release

Posted: June 04, 2014