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Providing Value to Customers via Innovation, Total Energy Management

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At Direct Energy, it’s our job to provide value to customers whether through innovation that helps them control their energy use or through the numerous home services products we offer. Our innovation drives engagement, consumer choice, and consumer control.

Before smart meters, learning thermostats, commercial solar, and other innovative advances, our business in most respects was about the commodity offerings – gas and power.

This is not the case anymore. We are a total energy management provider for residential and business customers.

Total Energy Management

We’ve partnered with OPower to deliver a weekly email to our residential customers, and to provide them with an online portal to track their real-time power consumption, receive personalized energy tips, and to see how they compare versus efficient consumers in similar-sized homes.

Partnerships with Honeywell, Meridian, and Nest learning thermostats give our residential customers a bundled energy product and more control of their energy usage.

Solar options are available to our business customers via a partnership with SolarCity. If the tax incentives are right, this might be a great way for your business to save money.

We recently partnered with BuildingIQ and Panoramic Power to provide cloud-based energy analytics solutions via devices that provide real-time data to our business customers. Think about it – one energy manager can have insight into multiple locations where the device is installed and can predict equipment malfunctions and have the ability to prioritize equipment upgrades, all while choosing other energy solutions and offerings to better manage their energy consumption! Learn more about these solutions offerings here.

Grocery List

Think about how differently all energy consumers could better comprehend their energy bill if instead of kWh or MWh, one got an itemized bill that looked more like one from the grocery store:

W hours of lights on
X hours of air conditioning
Y hours of cable television
Z hours of running the extra fridge in the basement that holds only a 12-pack of Shiner Bock

As with most innovations, there are a number of barriers to overcome in getting from the system we have today to one in which the focus is on enabling deep customer engagement on electricity consumption. But it can and should be done, and in a way that maintains or even enhances the financial stability of the traditional utilities.

Consumers want control, be it over their cell phone data plans or how much they pay for cable and internet, so why not have more control over their energy?

Learn more about Direct Energy's offerings by clicking here.

Posted: July 24, 2014