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Businesses: Reduce Your Energy Use with No Up-Front Capital

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In an effort to curb energy costs, customers are focusing on both lowering their unit price and reducing their energy consumption. EfficiencyEdge™ is a solution to help our customers reduce energy consumption and ultimately, their bill.

What is EfficiencyEdge?

Direct Energy Business works with you to quickly identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. After that, we prioritize a list of projects with the greatest opportunity to reduce usage. Before executing efficiency upgrades, incentives and rebates are identified and secured on your behalf to reduce project costs. EfficiencyEdge customers can benefit from on-bill financing, rather than incurring up-front funding costs.

How can EfficiencyEdge benefit your business?

Aside from reducing energy consumption and lowering operating costs, businesses can modernize their facility and/or energy technology, take advantage of certifications like LEED, and meet corporate sustainability objectives.

Examples of projects via EfficiencyEdge

  • Lighting & lighting controls upgrade
  • Motors & VFDs
  • Enhance, re-commission existing HVAC controls
  • Pipe or duct installation
  • Steam trap audit & repair
  • Water conservation
  • Install temperature controls (DDC) where none exist
  • Process steam leak mitigation, insulation, steam traps
  • Remote monitoring

Direct Energy Business is committed to building a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with your business – one that extends beyond the traditional commodity relationship. To learn more about how Direct Energy Business can help you reduce energy usage, email, call 888.233.1524, or contact your Direct Energy Business representative.

Posted: July 30, 2014