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PPL Smart Meter Small Business Customers: How Does Free Energy Supply with Your Morning Coffee Sound?

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Direct Energy Business is giving small business owners with a smart meter in the PPL territory one less reason to stress in the mornings. The Free Power Morning Plan offers free electricity supply Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and is available December 10, 2014 through May 31, 2015.

On September 11, 2014, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission approved PPL Electric’s Pilot Time-of-Use Program, which was made available to residential and small commercial customers on Wednesday, December 10, 2014. The intent of the program is to encourage customers who participate in the program to reduce electricity use during certain hours of the day when the demand for electricity is high and costs more, and shift their usage to periods when the demand for electricity is lower and cheaper.

Here’s how the Free Power Morning Plan works. Every morning, Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., the Direct Energy Business supply rate will be $0.00/kWh for the entire length of your contract. This will hopefully allow small business owners to focus on getting their businesses up and running in the morning.

Customers are encouraged to contact their utility or check their utility bill to see if they have a smart meter before enrolling. Further, Direct Energy Business also encourages potential new participants or customers that are under contract with another supplier to review their contracts for potential obligations prior to enrolling. 

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Direct Energy is also offering a TOU product for our residential customers. For more information about the Best Hourly Rate Plan, visit

Posted: December 12, 2014