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The Rise of the Energy Efficiency Agenda

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As I discussed in June, energy efficiency measures are becoming more widely implemented on leadership agendas across many industries.

A recent report released by Deloitte, reveals that businesses in the US have recently been making significant gains in curbing electricity usage[1].

Figure 1: Energy Efficiency Performance of Survey Respondents, % of businesses

Q: Please indicate the percentage savings that have been achieved as a result of the resources management programs your company has implemented over each of the last three years.

Source: Deloitte reSources 2014 Study: Informed and In Charge

As we can see among survey respondents, the number of companies that are seeing savings continues to grow each year. What’s even more interesting from Deloitte’s report is how most of the rising gains in efficiency for businesses are being achieved using “standard solutions” such as replacing lighting and HVAC (52%), rather than more advanced “new/innovative solutions” such as data analytics and monitoring tools (30%). Translation: businesses are just scratching the surface of their efficiency potential. The next wave of tools, ideas, and resources to help companies shed kilowatts is emerging, and it’s more than just buzz. The real catalyst for a company’s increasing ability to convert data about its usage into actionable, easy-to-understand efficiency programs is the rising connectivity of energy-consuming equipment and devices, as well as metering infrastructure such as smart meters and sensors.

For example, OpenEI, a web community for all kinds of energy industry-related information, has 49 efficiency-related apps for businesses and consumers, many of which make use of the growing number of Internet-connected devices to provide their services. The challenge, of course, has less to do with the availability of technology and services and more to do with where to begin.

A recent Greentech Media report cites several common market barriers for companies looking to do more in terms of energy efficiency. Some of these factors include “lack of technical expertise to design and complete projects”, “lack of awareness of opportunities for energy savings”, and “lack of certainty that promised savings will be achieved” [2].

One way to overcome these barriers is to talk to your energy supplier; the same company who thinks about and looks at your energy consumption every day! Here at Direct Energy Business for example, we have begun offering products like EfficiencyEdge© and PowerRadar© (through our partnership with Panoramic Power) that are designed to help businesses i) identify their unique efficiency potential and ii) act and capitalize on any opportunities as part of their broader energy procurement operations.

We like to think of it as the Total Energy Management approach. Direct Energy Business is committed to building a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with your business – one that extends beyond the traditional commodity relationship. To learn more about how Direct Energy Business can help you reduce energy usage, email or request more information about our services.

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Posted: August 12, 2014