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NYC Businesses Benefits are Rich for Heating Oil to Natural Gas Conversion in ConEdison

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Natural gas is cleaner than heating oil, and therefore, is better for the environment. Natural gas currently costs less than heating oil, and customers generally avoid maintenance and equipment costs associated with heating oil.

If your business is in the Con Edison utility territory, you may be eligible to connect at zero cost for firm gas service possibly saving up to several hundred thousand dollars on Con Edison connection costs, on top of savings from using a lower-cost fuel. The current deadline to apply is August 27 to reserve your place in the program. The application requires several steps and Con Edison has tight deadlines with no leniency.

Next Steps

You need to have a firm price and contractor selected prior to your next Con Edison deadline in December for which you'll need engineering drawings, specifications, and potentially a bid solicitation and review. As most well-informed decisions, these steps take time to complete, so you'll want to get started now.

Direct Energy Business, an energy service company (ESCO), can help your business complete the Con Edison paperwork and provide a preliminary budget estimate for the internal building conversion work to simplify the process for you, complete the work, and provide you with monthly status updates.

You can learn more here about the services we provide, or contact us by email at, or call (888) 223-1524 or your local Direct Energy Business representative.

Posted: August 21, 2014