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Arizona Retail Competition Unexpectedly Cut Short...What Happened?

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You may have heard, but there was an unexpected turn of events in Arizona on September 11 as it relates to opening the electric market to retail competition.

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) held a regularly scheduled meeting that included an agenda item to discuss the retail competition docket. Requested by the pro-competition Commissioner Bob Burns, the agenda item was intended to open discussion among the five commissioners as to whether or not they felt like they were receiving adequate information about the competition debate, and to possibly discuss if evidentiary hearings might be needed before a final vote would take place on October 31.

The Commissioners unexpectedly adjourned to a private executive session for approximately 90 minutes, then emerged with a Motion resulting in a 4-1 vote against moving forward with the retail competition proceeding. It was claimed that this vote materialized because of the ACC staff attorney’s assessment that constitutional impediments prevented them from moving forward.

The outcome here is disappointing. I’m hopeful that the ACC and Arizona policy makers will revisit this issue in very short order allowing the dialog, debate and vote to take place that is in the best interest of Arizona and the great people of the State.

Posted: September 25, 2013