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Michigan Drafts Report on Energy Choice

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As a result of Governor Rick Snyder’s Energy and Environment address in November 2012, the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) and the Michigan Energy Office kicked off a series of meetings across the state designed to solicit public input on Michigan’s energy future.

In his address the Governor laid out the need to create an energy policy for Michigan that would allow for reliable, affordable energy that also protects the environment and to establish a process to develop that policy.

The results of this input are being released in separate reports. This week, the draft report on Energy Choice was released. While much information was provided from many different parties including suppliers and utilities, the utility-provided information is outdated since it heavily relies on data from 2005 or earlier.

Using old data can create a skewed version of what is currently happening in competitive markets. As customers in deregulated states and others in the energy industry can attest to, energy markets are vastly different today with approximately 70% of residential customers in Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania switching to a retail energy supplier.

Energy markets take a long time to develop and choice has definitely matured to the point it is now about smarter use of energy, in addition to price. Direct Energy’s Government & Regulatory Affairs team and other retail energy providers have the opportunity to file comments and to update much of the presented data in an effort to push Michigan to energy choice.

Posted: October 17, 2013