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Pennsylvania Businesses: Support Bill to Fully Transition to Robust Electricity Market

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The state legislature is currently considering new legislation called the Electric Competition Benefits Enhancement Act (SB 1121). The Act proposes to create a fully competitive retail electric market in the state, while continuing to ensure that customers have access to reasonable and reliable electric service. You can read more about the bill in my latest post. For a printable informational sheet, click here.

What does this mean for Pennsylvania’s businesses?
If the Act were passed, fully opening the state’s electricity market would place downward pressure on prices, giving you more viable options when shopping around for power. In addition, the Act would give businesses access to more power products and services tailored to their needs.

What does this mean for the Commonwealth?
The Commonwealth will also benefit because electric generation suppliers will pay $100 to the Commonwealth for each customer acquired through the PUC-approved transfer process. This is estimated to generate $320 million for the state and its citizens. Boosting the state’s economy is a definite plus for businesses.

What You Can Do To Help

This bill will affect businesses and residents in Pennsylvania. If you or an employee is in support of this bill passing, then please take a couple of minutes and take action via the Energy Consumers First website.

Legislators are keenly aware of the power of their constituents and the revenue that businesses generate for the state, which means that they are more likely to listen to and consider feedback in numbers. If you have any questions about this legislation or how to become involved in the support process, feel free to contact me or Ashley Ramer.

Posted: November 04, 2013