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Michigan Public Service Commission Issues Final Energy Choice Report

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In a past address, Governor Snyder laid out the need to create an energy policy for Michigan that would allow for reliable, affordable energy that also protects the environment, and to establish a process to develop that policy. The results of public input via a series of meetings across the state are being released in separate reports including the final report on Energy Choice that was released on November 20, 2013 by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). The final report is one of a series of reports being used to gather data on Michigan’s energy industry and to help define Governor Snyder’s policies on energy.

The report presented many facts on energy choice along with some outdated information from the utilities; the utility-provided information heavily relies on data from 2005 or earlier. In my opinion, the summary of the report was fairly balanced in presenting the three energy-related paths Michigan faces: 1. Re-regulate 2. Status quo, or 3. Remove the 10% cap and let competition truly work.

  1. Re-regulation would mean millions of dollars in increased costs for Michigan schools and businesses already taking service from suppliers.
  2. Status quo would continue the current process of Michigan picking who can choose and save and those who are forced to remain with the utility.
  3. The removal of the 10% cap would require the MPSC to create more jobs, and there would be a transition as they anticipate suppliers flooding into the state.

The next step is for the Governor to issue his energy address, which is expected in December.

Michigan businesses currently pay the highest electric rates in the Midwest with no available options for relief. Removing the limit on who is allowed to choose an alternative supplier would bring immediate savings to those already paying significantly above market prices.

Please join our efforts to bring full competition to Michigan by visiting and communicating with your respective legislators.

Posted: November 21, 2013