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Meet the Team (A Guest Blog from the Boss)

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This guest blog was provided by Hans Rottmann, Sr. Manager, Market Intelligence, Product & Portfolio Management

“Do you want to do a blog?”  That was the question to my team … The reactions were no surprise – very different - as Lars, Mike and Joe are 3 different guys.  And their market views are different as well.

 Lars is most experienced, having traded power since back in the 90’s.  He has seen many ups and downs in energy prices and after seeing 2005 and 2008, doesn’t get as excited over a ten cent gas move.  Lars and I both drink a lot of coffee so I know that I can trust him.

 Mike is another veteran of the hourly desk like Lars.  The blog is a good venue for his view because he is not always forthcoming with his opinions, but give him a challenge – like eating 100 peeps in an hour – and he will step up to the plate.  Mike is our resident ERCOT expert and has a good feel regarding the trend in the heat rates … just ask him.  He has lots of time on his hands because his Penguins season tickets are useless right now.

 Joe is the newbie – both soaking up information like a sponge and shocked and surprised by any seemingly illogical swing in prices.  (He’ll learn!)  Joe’s background as an economist gives him a different and welcomed perspective into the forward market outlook.  And his enthusiasm for Electric Avenue is as obvious as his love of video games and pop nostalgia.

 As a team, none of us were shocked that the market eventually found a lower bound in 2012.  And we still feel that upside is limited as long a shale production keeps flowing and there are few signs that it will stop.  But volatility in a range will continue and although not as extreme as the previous decade, the risks and opportunities are big enough to have a significant bottom line impact on our customers. 

 The markets are so dynamic and interesting to follow.  Remember that just a few years ago, we expected liquid natural gas imports to be the solution to a US natural gas shortage – how long ago that seems!  What will be the next surprise?  I don’t know, but I do know that there will be something and our team will be here, following whatever the next development may be.  We hope to provide you market information, hopefully in a more entertaining way than you’re accustomed to and we hope you come back to follow along with us.

Posted: November 29, 2013