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Michigan Considers Eliminating 10% Cap on Electric Choice

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The debate is heating up over House Bill 5184, also known as the Michigan Electric Customer Freedom Act, which would remove the 10 percent cap on electric choice and open the market to competition.

Since the cap was put in place in 2008, Michigan consumers have seen electricity prices skyrocket. As a result, the caps in the largest utility service territories (DTE and Consumers) were reached in 2009, and there are currently thousands of customers waiting in queue to receive lower priced electricity and many more that have no option but to pay the way-above-average market utility rates.

Michigan businesses currently pay the highest electric rates in the Midwest with no available option for relief. Removing the limit on who is allowed to choose an alternative energy supplier would bring immediate savings to those already paying significantly above market prices; thus, putting consumers and businesses, not a utility, in charge of their own energy budgets.

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Watch a two-part news story regarding energy choice in Michigan via WLNS Channel 6.
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Posted: December 17, 2013