Power Emergency Solved for Church

The Door Christian Fellowship is a nondenominational church in Weslaco, TX. It is among more than 25 churches across the U.S. and globally affiliated with The Door Christian Fellowship Ministries. The church engages the Weslaco community through worship services and a variety of ministries for small children, young adults and music enthusiasts. They also welcome members through community events that range from tailgates to talent shows.

"Three years ago, our lights went out. I knew all the bills had been up-to-date, and [there was] no way [the lights] had been disconnected. I called Direct Energy Business and immediately they sent someone to go figure out what was going on. Turns out that our lines were really old and [they] happened to fail on that day! On a church night! We still had church outside and Direct Energy Business had to send workers to fix [the lines] while we sang and worshipped outdoors. I believe even one of the men up on that line began to sing with us! All was fixed that same night."

— Yolanda Garza, Pastor's Wife


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