Case Study

metal scrap

Metal Recycling Firm Saves Money With Little Heavy Lifting

The Challenge

Already a leader in the metals recycling and processing space, a long-time natural gas customer of Direct Energy Business was in the bidding process for a new electricity supplier. The company also wanted a method to gather data to understand how to make its complex manufacturing process more energy efficient to better control costs.

They welcomed Direct Energy Business to identify their energy usage down to the equipment and device level.  However, the customer needed innovative energy strategies that didn’t require large up-front investment. 

The Bright Idea

First, we recommended Panoramic Power®, an innovative solution that offers cost effective device-level monitoring and analytics, allowing us to identify the exact systems and equipment in the customer's manufacturing facility that were increasing its energy bill.

We then recommended participation in Demand Response, in which a customer can earn back money by reducing electricity usage upon request during periods of peak demand. We performed a no-cost analysis of this customer's energy demand yields and provided a curtailment plan based on a clear view of risk versus reward.

The customer also chose our EfficiencyEdge™ product, through which we worked with the customer to quickly identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs and then prioritized a list of projects with the greatest opportunity to reduce usage. The project’s costs were then integrated with the customer’s energy supply agreement, eliminating the need for an up-front investment.

The Powerful Solution

Panoramic Power

  • ROI 30 days after implementation
  • $45,000 in potential savings over the course of one year


  • Anticipated five percent reduction in lighting costs
  • Roughly $45,000 in savings projected over four and a half years

Demand Response

  • Projected $134,000 in capacity payments over three years 

Overall, we were able to help this customer control and maximize energy usage, resulting in energy and operational efficiencies and savings.       

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