Quotes from our Customers

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"We've been with you for many years and have been treated very well." 
- Don Wing, Tabor Academy, Marion, MA

"Honest and supplied useful information."
- David Wilson, Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC

"Staples relies on Direct Energy’s depth of energy expertise and broad scope of energy related solutions. Direct Energy is part of the Staples strategic energy team and is a great partner helping us make intelligent decisions that have a impact on our budget and business. Direct Energy is a significant partner in delivering total energy management to Staples and contribute strongly to our energy strategy.”
- Bob Valair, Director of Energy & Environmental Management, Staples, Inc.

"It seems to be the best value and less trouble."
- New York Marine Equipment and Supplies Retail Store

"The rates are competitive and the service is excellent."
- Connecticut Manufacturing Supplier

"My energy bill is lower and we haven’t had any issues with service."
- Maryland Sheet Metal Fabricator

"I am impressed with the fact that I’m saving money with DE."
- Pennsylvania Auto Body Shop

"I had two accounts with PSEG, I was not aware of the second account. Direct Energy was proactive. They sent a representative to the business. Currently, I save money dealing with them."
- New Jersey Prep High School

"I have never had a problem with DE, they’ve always been really helpful with my calls. "
- Texas Insurance Agency

"The invoices are clear and they are easy to work with."
- Massachusetts Hospital

"The company is easy to deal with and they always answer our questions. It is also easy to make payments online. The website is very user friendly."
- Pennsylvania Grocer

"I have received nothing but good service and pricing from them."
- John Barrett, Superintendent of Public Works, Village of Avon, N.Y.

"They have great customer service and they personalize things for me." 
- Cesar Erazo, Director of Engineering, LHCW Hotel Holding

"I have been satisfied over the years."
- Thomas D. Schafer, Business Manager, Stuber Land Design, Inc

"We have had good rates and no problems."
- John Lehner, Finance Director, City of Defiance

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