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In business since 1928, Try-It Distributing Co. delivers 7 million cases of beer and other beverages annually to its customers in and around the Lancaster, NY, area. In 2014, Try-It replaced its fleet of more than 40 diesel trucks with trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). Try-It also commissioned the construction of a CNG refueling station on its property, performed by Direct Energy Business partner American Natural Gas (ANG). With a reliable CNG fleet, Direct Energy Business supplying the fuel itself and ANG’s dedicated infrastructure, Try-It now saves 40 percent on its overall fuel costs compared to diesel. The company has also significantly reduced its carbon emissions and makes use of a domestic – rather than imported – energy commodity.


“We are the Anheuser-Busch and Labatt wholesalers for western New York. We use just about every truck every day to service our accounts, so without those trucks up and running, we are literally dead in the water. [With CNG, we get reliable performance with fewer maintenance costs and dedicated, on-site fueling.] [And we’re seeing top-of-the-line benefits, as well.] The biggest growing segment of the beer world right now is the craft beers, and those craft brewers, by nature, tend to be more eco-conscious and green in their business philosophy. As they grow from small garage operations to larger breweries, they tend to align themselves with suppliers and distributors who are of the same mindset. This switch to CNG, for us, is a huge component of our overall green program. Those big craft brewers coming to town, hopefully they’ll realize that and choose us as their prime distributor. And at the end of the day, the fuel is cheap, so it’s a pretty simple business equation. If you can put the miles on it and pull those costs down, it’s a good business case.”

- Jeff Gicewicz, VP of Corporate Holdings, Try-It Distributing Co.


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