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Turn down cost to turn up the lights

As a leader in lighting fixtures for residential, commercial and public spaces, few companies are more concerned with energy efficiency than Israel’s largest retail lighting chain. With dozens of display lights powered on in every store for the duration of operating hours, The Lighting Warehouse’s monthly energy spend is significant. And because these fixtures also emit heat, they also fight to keep stores at a consistent cool temperature.


Proactive data lights the path

Rear-view mirror insight into spend from utility bills isn’t enough. The Lighting Warehouse needed to see their energy consumption as it happened. They needed an energy management solution that provided benchmarking analysis across stores and technology to spot trends and abnormalities. That’s why the choice of Panoramic Power® from Direct Energy Business was beyond clear.


Performance measures spotlight opportunities

Panoramic Power is a device-level energy management system that collates real-time information into user-friendly dashboards and reports. The Lighting Warehouse initially deployed Panoramic Power’s sensors on lighting and HVAC units in multiple zones of three stores. After seeing an initial reduction of seven percent of their energy spend within four months, the company expanded deployment to an additional 22 stores and saw even more benefits:

  • With real-time alerts, off-hour consumption was reduced by 90%
  • Operational optimizations became clear with analytics tools that revealed AC unit inefficiencies
  • Improved maintenance scheduling eliminated unnecessary maintenance visits, saving $25,000 annually
  • Benchmarking between stores improved processes with the implementation of an enterprise-wide energy management program
  • Energy efficiency saved 10% of costs across the retail chain

“Before Panoramic Power, we were blind to our power consumption,” said Y. Haimi, the chain’s operational manager. “Now we can monitor and control our energy consumption, as well as benchmark, educate and continuously improve our retail chain operations. The impact is across our entire organization. We have dramatically improved our energy and operational efficiency as well as our corporate sustainability.”


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