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Pittsburgh Glass Center

For nearly 20 years, the Pittsburgh Glass Center has trained, inspired and showcased artists—from internationally-recognized artisans to novices taking their first glass-blowing class. The nonprofit organization facilitates glass-blowing workshops, hosts artist residencies, produces exhibitions and rents out space for artists to create their energy-intensive works.

With furnaces that operate around the clock during the whole year, the Pittsburgh Glass Center devotes a significant amount of its overall budget to energy costs. Direct Energy Business has provided electricity and natural gas to the facility for more than five years. More recently, the Pittsburgh Glass Center has expanded its collaboration with us to monitor equipment performance and efficiency in real time, and better manage the facility’s overall energy spend.


"A lot of our artists come to the Glass Center to make their works. This is a difficult art form to have in your basement or in your garage. We use a lot of electricity and natural gas, and we were excited to be able to partner with Direct Energy Business…The experience from Direct Energy Business has been invaluable, and it allowed us to make informed decisions. We would recommend Direct Energy Business to anyone who’s thinking about making a switch."

- Heather McElwee, Executive Director, Pittsburgh Glass Center


With this innovative technology and strategic gas purchasing, the Pittsburgh Glass Center has transformed their total energy picture. Equipped with real-time usage data, the center can reduce energy costs, extend the life of its equipment, and, most importantly, focus on serving its growing community of artists.


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