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Our Lady Bethesda is a Catholic retreat center that offers spiritual resources and special events for members of the local Catholic community. Built in the 1970s and located just outside of Washington D.C., it suffers from energy challenges that are common for older buildings. The main lobby and chapel both have vaulted ceilings and old windows that make heating and cooling expensive. Their electricity plan from Direct Energy Business helps them rein in costs.


"Our main energy challenge is the architectural design of our old building. One way we practice smart energy management is by using less energy. We determine when our peak occupancy will be, use the HVAC system during that time, and then we turn it off. We also signed up with Direct Energy Business and locked in our energy rate for the next three years. Knowledge is power. Having a fixed rate helps us take control of our budget and know our energy costs with certainty."

-Angela Draley, Director of Operations, Our Lady Bethesda


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