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National1 Energy, LLC is an independent broker of retail electricity for commercial customers in all deregulated U.S. markets and has worked with Direct Energy Business since 2013. National1 Energy services a wide variety of customers ranging from small entrepreneurs and medium enterprises, to major corporations, municipalities and nationwide business chains.


"We serve thousands of commercial customers in several different markets, so our pricing desk is a busy place. Having a retail energy pricing partner who understands the importance of a quick response and can balance that with the necessary care to get contracts and prices done right is a tremendous asset to our business.

The professional team at Direct Energy Business has been a key strategic partner for us because they deliver on those key requirements. The DEHQ broker portal is, in our opinion, the most comprehensive in the industry, providing instant credit decisions, accurate usage forecasting and ultra-competitive pricing in virtually every deregulated U.S. service territory in which we operate.The scalability and internal control setup of DEHQ is first rate, with the ability to help us manage our business centrally, yet still provide our agents in local markets the access they need for immediate online pricing directly from the field. Customers get their rates and professionally presented contract documents on demand.

In today’s fast-paced, smartphone business environment, this kind of lightning quick response provides a major competitive advantage for us. Credit decisions with override provisions? Built in. Future pricing, sweet spot recommendations, flexible terms lengths from one to 36 months? They are all there at the click of a button. DEHQ is a powerful selling tool backed by one the best teams in the industry."

- Bret Kortkamp, Senior Relationship Manager


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