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Lifesource Church is a Baptist religious community in Cherry Valley, MA that celebrates time-honored traditions and values in contemporary ways. With a membership base of more than 200 people, Lifesource Church hosts a variety of services, programs and community events. They livestream services and use social media to connect with people online, and even increase their outreach through rock n' roll music. Lifesource Church looks for energy solutions that help them serve the community through unpredictable New England weather.


"There seem to be seasons where companies inundate you with sales calls regarding your energy costs. Last year, I received a call that far undercut the pricing I was receiving and seemed too good to be true. I called Direct Energy Business to see if they would match the pricing I was being quoted and received a brief lesson on how some companies promote their pricing to sound more competitive than they really are. The Direct Energy Business customer service representative provided all of the questions I needed to ask to be certain I was being presented with the correct information. When I received the return call from the company soliciting my business, I asked the questions I received from my Direct Energy Business representative, which revealed the hidden information that would have cost us more money long term. Direct Energy Business has been diligent in educating me about rates so I am equipped to understand them and make the best decision for our company's needs."

- Representative from Lifesource Church


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