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A crucial alliance for an industry advocate

For more than a century, the Council of Industry has unified manufacturers in New York’s Hudson Valley by advocating for employees and the community.  Driving policy changes, trending regional data, and offering a plethora of training programs and networking opportunities, the not-for-profit organization is a wellspring of knowledge and innovation. But one ever evolving challenge remains: helping members navigate the tremendous complexities of buying energy. 

Energy is a huge cut of operating expenses with manufacturers accounting for 30 percent of all energy use in the U.S1. With 125 manufacturing firms and about 12,000 employees calling themselves Council of Industry members, energy needs are immensely varied. Hudson Valley manufactures depend on personal involvement from electricity and natural gas experts who have access to wide markets and customizable solutions.

That’s why the Council of Industry continues to choose Direct Energy Business as their preferred energy supplier for seven years running. As one of the leading retail energy suppliers in North America, Direct Energy Business offers competitive pricing and products to fit each business’s unique needs.


Answer the energy question with total solutions

From gas and power to efficiency solutions, Direct Energy Business offers a range of flexible and customized products to minimize energy costs. Members can take advantage of market-based purchases that allow for layered fixed prices and customized risk exposure. That means members – even smaller companies – can bring their energy loads together into a single larger load and achieve strong buying power in wholesale markets.

“Direct Energy Business is a solutions company,” says Harold King, Council of Industry Executive Vice President. “If the question is about renewables, they have an answer. If the question is about efficiency, they have an answer. And if the question is about financing, they have an answer to that, too. It’s all there as a complete resource.”


The most important energy service

Because of the relationship with Direct Energy Business, Council of Industry leaders like King can be confident that all large and small manufacturing members get resources and personalized, on-alert service. Managing operating expenses is no easy task, and members depend on support to buy energy and reach corporate sustainability and budget goals. Direct Energy Business experts are on-hand to connect with members, provide clear information for decision-making and ensure that questions and concerns are addressed quickly.

“Customer service and understanding the markets are key,” King emphasizes. “Price is quite important, but Direct Energy Business knows when to buy and how long to buy for. They help us deliver information to our members on a timely schedule and in a way that’s easy for them to digest and understand. And that’s the real advantage for us. Their customer service is far more valuable than simply chasing a low price at a particular moment in time.”


1American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, “Outsourcing Energy Performance: Its Potential for Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs,” March 18, 2014


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