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Panoramic Power® and smart procurement strategies help achieve strategic goals

In recent years, the City of Pittsburgh has been engaged in a wide range of energy efficiency and sustainability efforts. This has included smarter ways to purchase energy as well as a commitment to report on energy consumption within city-owned buildings like the historic Pittsburgh City-County Building.

Direct Energy Business had been helping the city in its mission with an innovative electricity purchasing strategy since 2015, beginning with street lights and traffic signals and growing to the city itself.

When the city needed a partner who could help them with their goal of using data, diagnostics and monitoring dashboards to deliver granular insights into their energy usage, Direct Energy Business introduced them to our Panoramic Power® solution.

"We had been working with them [Direct Energy Business] on our energy procurement including RECs (energy efficiency) as well as electricity. Then we started talking to them about energy efficiency and they introduced us to their Panoramic Power program," said Grant Ervin, Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh's City-County Building has been a landmark in the city since it was completed in 1917 and houses both Pittsburgh and Allegheny County offices. In January, Direct Energy Business installed Panoramic Power device-level energy monitoring technology to the 6th floor of the City-County Building that houses a portion of the City's offices and data center.

Panoramic Power uses self-powered, wireless sensors to deliver granular insights into power usage well beyond the meter. These insights are available in a dashboard that can be viewed on a desktop or mobile device. The solution is designed to give customers unmatched, real-time visibility into their business operations through meaningful and actionable electricity insights, enabling them to take action to lower their energy consumption, reduce operating costs and increase overall operational efficiency.

"Working with Panoramic Power is a key component of our Energy Intelligence Network," Ervin said "By capturing a variety of usage data, we are able to obtain a keen sense of consumption patterns and behavior trends that will allow us to make more strategic decisions related to energy efficiency and capital upgrades."


Getting results

Since installing Panoramic Power in January 2017, the city has identified a number of optimizations for its energy use within the City-County Building. These include lighting and HVAC systems that were exhibiting off-hours consumption as well as devices that had potential operational imbalances.

The key result was helping the city in its mission of bringing transparency into its energy usage to better inform operational decisions and capital investments as well as city residents. In fact, the city plans on displaying real-time data captured from Panoramic Power on a large display in the building lobby.


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