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For more than 15 years, Bayou Pawn of Texas, Inc., has offered pawn broker services and sales of jewelry, electronics, tools, musical instruments and firearms throughout the Houston area. As one of our small business customers, Bayou Pawn relies on Direct Energy Business to provide reliable and affordable electric service to its eight locations.


"I’ve got a real low-price mentality and I’m always trying to save money as a business. The [Direct Energy Business]price turned out to be right and at the right time, so it’s been a great marriage. We have to have pretty reliable power because security is a big part of our business, and the reliability of the service has been really good. We’ve also added three new stores, and being able to handle that from a startup phase and get ramped up on a certain date, that’s been real helpful. And just like any business, my contact with Direct Energy Business is through your people. My Business Development Manager has really never made a misstep, never not been there when I needed her and never not been extremely customer oriented.That’s what we all kind of strive for in business."

- Robert Bell, Owner, Bayou Pawn of Texas, Inc.


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