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AGMET is a leading recycler of industrial products in North America, extracting, recycling and reselling heavy and precious metals and other industrial products. Dubbed their Recycle 100® philosophy, the manufacturer runs their operation with a zero tolerance policy for waste. Their commitment to producing virtually no by-product prevents the dumping of hazardous waste into landfills, making them a leading environmental steward and champion of health and safety. And now, their promise is extending to energy.

AGMET requires considerable amounts of energy to operate industrial-sized equipment like their 100-foot kiln, 40-foot pelletizer, hammer mill, shredder and blender. And with their two Ohio plants running nearly 24/7, it was imperative to consider energy use in their sustainability promise.

Going back more than 10 years, AGMET has powered their plants with a blend of electricity and natural gas supplied by Direct Energy Business. Their current fixed price energy plans enabled them to lock in low supply rates when the energy markets were favorable and keep the same rates through 2020. Such a strategy gives them budget certainty with energy costs. But for Plant Manager Bruce Harwedel, it was just as imperative to identify opportunities to use the energy they purchased smarter.

"We turned to Direct Energy Business and our representative John Leonard to help us pinpoint the how's, why's and where's of saving energy," explains Harwedel. After completing a thorough audit of AGMET's energy consumption, Direct Energy Business first pointed to a savings opportunity to upgrade lighting, guiding Harwedel through the process of selecting a contractor for the proposed improvements. When both plants were completely converted to LED lighting, AGMET saw their electricity bill cut nearly in half.

Between the LED lighting upgrades and a fixed low rate on energy for the next several years, Harwedel is pleased with the results and savings so far. At least where sustainability is concerned – recycling, energy or otherwise — AGMET has the green light.

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