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What is an Energy All-Star?

Our customers are doing so many innovative things in the energy landscape, and we’re here to celebrate them! From using solar to meet sustainability objectives to creating customized procurement strategies that focus on efficiency, we’ve got a stacked all-star lineup that we can’t wait to feature.

Read on to learn more about each of them!

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University leads in energy resiliency and sustainability strategies

"The campus has grown leaps and bounds in my time here. We have over half a million square feet of new buildings, including the current university center renovation. So obviously with those expansions, the energy demand has increased significantly."

-Bob Shipley, Assistant Vice President for Facilities, Adelphi University


Grounds For Sculpture sets the gold standard

The Grounds For Sculpture park now offsets every watt of power it consumes with Renewable Energy Credits provided by Direct Energy Business. The commitment to green energy is equivalent to taking 100 homes off the grid and adds to Grounds For Sculpture's LEED compliance.


Real-estate company finds benefit from Virginia energy market changes

"For approximately 15 years, we have shopped the competitive marketplace for the best rates on our gas and electric supply." "When our representative from Direct Energy Business contacted me in the spring of 2019 about a competitive option for 100 percent renewable in Virginia, we were quite excited to have this opportunity."

-Michael Brown, Assistant Vice President and Director of Operations, Bernstein Management Corporation


Crown Battery makes energy management a part of company culture

"In order to take a charge from a battery, you have to give it a charge. Electricity is one of the raw materials that we're purchasing and then sending out to a customer. So, reliability, quality and cost are huge for us."

-Matt Culbertson, Project Energy Manager, Crown Battery


Iron Mountain sets sight on 100% renewable energy goals

"Over time, we hope to be able to source more and more of our renewable power through the first two solutions; on-site and directly through our retail providers. It’s exciting for us that retailers like Direct Energy Business are continuing to find ways to facilitate our access to large amounts of renewable power at lower costs and deliver it to us in a firm, fixed manner."

-Chris Pennington, CBRE Energy Manager, Iron Mountain


How Volvo is using a forward-thinking strategy for their large energy footprint

"We value our relationship with Direct Energy Business. When we have a question, the team responds within hours. I like the reporting and bi-weekly status call updates that keep Volvo abreast of the electricity and natural gas market. Our relationship with Direct Energy Business is still young, but I like how the future includes new opportunities."

-Ryan Little, Commodity Buyer for Indirect Products & Services Purchasing, Volvo Group


At Direct Energy Business, Customers Set the Course

"Our Community members are a catalyst for exciting change, and it’s a great place to gather insight about new services and offerings,” says Barone. “We listen and make improvements, even when that means we need to spend more time or money to do things the way customers prefer. Their insights have inspired us to do things like redesign our web tools and create an easy-to-understand bill."

-Philip Barone, Community Manager


How Excela Health Gets a Healthier Energy Budget

"Excela's mission is to improve the health and well-being of every life we touch. By being conscious of our energy usage and carbon footprint and being good environmental stewards, we are really supporting our mission and it's how we're ultimately held accountable."

-Dan Robison, Director of Facilities, Real Estate and Construction, Excela Health


Seabrook Seafood Weathers the Storm

"I’ve had…a lot of other electrical providers come and give us a bid… But it would take someone almost giving electricity away to get us away from Direct Energy Business because of the way they’ve treated us in the past. It wasn’t just treating us like a person, it was treating us like family."

-Arthur Hults, Controller, Seabrook Seafood Inc.


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